CAME ZL19N Gate Control Panel

CAME ZL19N Gate Control Panel

Product no.: CAME ZL19N Control Panel

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ZL19N Control Panel With Transformers

For use with CAME 24 Volt Motors

3yr Warranty

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Control panel for 24V d.c. gear motors, powered by 230V a.c. at 50-60 Hz (single-phase).
Designed to control FERNI and FROG gear motors.
Designed and built entirely by CAME cancelli automatici s.p.a., it meets regulations inforce and with IP 54 level of protection.Housing in ABS equipped with vents toprovide internal air circulation. Guaranteed 24
months, unless tampered with.
This control panel is powered by 230V a.c.across terminals L1 and L2, and is protected
by a 3.15A-F fuse on the main power line.
Control systems are powered by low voltage and protected by a 315mA-F fuse.
The total power consumption of 24V accessories (which are protected by a 2A-F fuse)
must not exceed 40 W.

We Would Highly Reccommend That This Product Be Installed By an Experienced Engineer,

CAME ZL19N Control Panel Instruction Manual Please Click PDF for instruction manual

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