About Us

About Us

About Us

Welcome To The One Stop Shop For Gate Accessories.

Established in 1986 manufacturing general steelwork including wrought iron gates, steel fire escapes and many different metalwork products.

In 1993 we branched out in to the the Automation of gates, our first installation was for a pools winner who scooped £550,000 which in those days was a large amount of money to win.

We fitted a Ram type system which was the equivalent to the Came Krono these days, and the system is still in operation today.

Since then we have continued to install various makes of equipment including Came, Bft & Faac.

The technology has moved on since then, with much more reliability and safety.


Gates and Accessories was launced in 2009 with the idea of marketing some of the tried and tested products that we install on a regular basis.

We trial new products with our installation team and pass on any issues that we may find good or bad. If a product is found to be unreliable we will not stock it.

We can also give technical advice when choosing a product or on repairs and spares. You also have the option of using the technical help lines of the manufacturers as well.


We hope you find our Website usefull and look forward to hearing from you.

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